Suffoca Version 3

Client: Suffoca

Category: Web Design.

Project Duration: 2 weeks


Anyone who’s familiar with my portfolio would be familiar with Suffoca as this is my 3rd redesign of his website. We changed the structure and added in some social networking capabilities, and also made the shop flow smoother than before. I also tackled some bugs that could not be fixed on time during the last revisit, so this time round, it was a wholly fulfilling redesign because all the bugs are gone. As per usual, Suffoca’s design direction is next to none, and we also added in some cool features, like the very different about page, and really cool pop up cart. Definitely a project that I love to be involved in, and hopefully will be for years to come.

Don’t forget to check out the ultra cool intro video, one of the best I have seen done by any independent t-shirt company.


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